Off-Site Data Backup

In today’s world, spreadsheets, documents, databases and data are byproducts of doing business. Every company, school, church and entity creates data on a daily basis that, if lost, could cause irreparable damage to their ability to continue in business.

Many methods of data backup exist, although some are much better than others. Some companies make printouts of all of their data while others back their data up to tape or external hard drives. All of these methods have their faults. Human elements of failure, hardware failure and acts of nature are just a few of the threats to a company’s data.

Loss of data can be caused by viruses, weather as well as human interaction. Developing a disaster recovery plan that removes the human element and automates the process is, by far, the best solution. Copier & Computer Systems offers solutions for data recovery, including off-site data backup. Contact us and let us propose a disaster recovery solution to meet your company’s needs.